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Because of this, Team Tennessee Team One will launch a Business Watch Group. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What is Business Watch? Business Watch is a community service the police department offers similar to the Neighborhood Watch Program. Businesses are encouraged to join and participate with the police to make our business community safe, and to reduce crime that affects them. A Business Watch Program involves: Business people getting to know each other and working together in a mutual assistance program. Employees being trained to recognize and report suspicious activities and people to the police department. Employees being trained to handle emergencies, be a good witness, and in crime prevention techniques. Implementation of crime prevention techniques such as better building security, fraud and shoplifting prevention, Operation Identification and other measures. Requirements Have a Watch Coordinator who serves as a liaison with the police. Have at least one employee attend a basic Business Watch training session. This employee will then train the other employees. Give annual $5 per business membership fee that is used to assist with the cost of activities and equipment. Provide the Crime Prevention Officer a group map and floor plan/ layout containing the business name, address, business and home phone numbers, for emergency contacts. Business Watch signs similar to the Neighborhood Watch Signs will be put at all entrances to the shopping center providing that 50 percent of the businesses in the center participate in the program. As part of the Business Watch program, participating businesses will be given stickers to alert potential thieves and trouble makers that employees of the businesses have been trained and other crime prevention measures have been taken. The business will be added to the Business Watch Notification System, which will notify the business of crime or other areas of concern. Each participating business is also encouraged to: Develop emergency procedures in the event of a robbery, sudden illness, natural disaster, etc. Develop and train employees in recommended opening and closing procedures, in handling money drops and bank deposits. Conduct a self security survey to better secure the building against burglary, robbery and shoplifting. In working together, all the members of the Business Watch benefit from obtaining up to date information on crimes and possible criminals that strike in our area through our Business Watch Notification System. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Each Business Watch Group will consist of 4 blocks. There will need to be a Business Watch Group Leader per group.Three business owners who were present that evening have braved themselves to be the first leadersof this watch.Omar, Tina and Franciscohave agreed to lead their business watch group. A phone tree list will also be developed for this purpose. Ofcourse, the more business owners join, the more streets will be covered under the Business Watch Group. If you are interested in starting a Business Watch in your area of Tennessee Street, please email Maria Guevara at  HYPERLINK "mailto:mguevara17@yahoo.com" mguevara17@yahoo.com Omar Martinez Business Watch Group: Tennessee Street - Sacramento Street, Marin Street, Sonoma Street, Sutter Street Tina Fowler's Business Watch Group: Tennessee Street - Napa Street, Fern Street, El Dorado Street, Broadway Street Francisco Castillo's Business Watch Group: Tennessee Street - Broadway Street, Monterey Street, Colusa Street and Amador Street Before a Business Watch Group is started, neighbors and business owners will be notified about the specifics of the Watch Group in a meeting that will be held in the second week of June (date and placeto be announced). Specific details about crime on Tennessee Street will be discussed.Details and responsibilites of the Business Watch Group will also be discussed, followedby asign up list. Speakers aboutbusiness safety willalso be present. National Night Out - Tuesday August 12, 2008  HYPERLINK "http://www.nationalnightout.org/nno/reg.html" http://www.nationalnightout.org/nno/reg.html Vallejo has held National Night Out for many years. It is a positive event that has brought neighbors and business owners together. National Night Out's mission is to: Heighten crime and drug prevention awareness; Generate support for, and participation in, local anticrime programs; Strengthen neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships; and Send a message to criminals letting them know that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back. Team Tennessee Team One will be coordinating with interested business owners and residents to participate in this event. Our personal mission is to strengthen neighborhood and business spirit - taking Tennessee Street back and moving it forward into a positive and safe place for people of all ages. Thus far, plans are as follows: A big lot on Tennessee Street (hopefully the one next to Rick Mariani's studio) is needed for Tennessee Street residents and business owners to gather. There will be many food tables (potluck) Jumper and other activitiesfor the kids Boothsfor different Tennessee Street vendors to showcase their stuff Car Clubs - Boys Under The Hood and Low Riders will be invited to park at different business parking lots - Newcomb& Sons, etc(to attract foot traffic, showcase cars, and to get people walking up and down Tennessee Street) Harley Davidson Group will showcase their motorcycles as well Jason Mueller and David Sells have courageously agreedto be the lead person for the National Night Out 2008 for Tennessee Street. Please email Jason if you want to help with this event, offer your lot for a showcase, or meeting place, and volunteer at different stations.Please assist Jason in the planning of this event. His email is  HYPERLINK "mailto:jmuel94346@aol.com" jmuel94346@aol.com Tennessee Street Neighborhood Clean Up Coordinated by: Francisco Castillo (Captain America) First Tennessee Street clean-up a success - Saturday, May 31, 2008 was the first Tennessee Street Clean-Up led by Captain America himself. Four members from Team Tennessee showed up to help. From Wilson Street to I-80, Tennessee Street was cleaned, one block at a time. With the help of Christian Help clients, cigarette butts, bottles, cans, and many other trash was picked up. Weeds were also pulled. Here is what we learned: Bushes in front of businesses attract trash - more than any other area, bush areas are the most littered place in all of Tennessee Street. Business owners who have hired landscape maintenance providers should monitor the work they do, as trash seems to be "blown" into the bushes so not to be seen by anyone. More than anything - cigarette butts and fast food debris litter Tennessee Street. Dime bags and other drug and alcohol paraphenelia were also found. Here is what we are going to propose: Gas stations, fast food chains should be asked to pay some type of a fee for all the discard their business is bringing onto Tennessee Street. They should maintain their area and not leave it to the "City" to clean it up for them. Each shopping "area" or "mini mall" should clean their area each month or pay a nominal maintenance fee for a hired landscape person to do it. Partner with probation officers to require those needing community service hours to pick up litter on Tennessee Street. Tennessee Street Volunteer Site Inspectors [Present Code Enforcement Officer Tina Chechourka will be leaving her post and moving to a job at the City of Napa.] Tony Pearsall glowed about the San Diego Site Inspector Program. He will give us all the details at the next meeting so we can duplicate it. Team Tennessee's goal is to have friendly volunteer site inspectors so to ensure the quality and beauty of Tennessee Street. List of Businesses on Tennessee Street from the Chamber of Commerce The Chamber of Commerce has been reached and asked for a complete list of businesses on Tennessee Street. 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